Allround knife

Allround knife

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Handmade in Finland

At Roselli, we take pride in our handmade process. Our skilled craftsmen create unique, high-quality products using local materials. Choosing a handmade Roselli means getting authenticity and a piece of our history. Explore our story here.

Lifetime warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our knives and axes. Our confidence in our craftsmanship ensures top quality. The warranty excludes accessories like sheaths and sharpening tools. Our lifetime warranty is your assurance. Learn more here.

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A Roselli is made to be your lifelong companion, your #oneknifeforlife, and a sharp blade is crucial. That's why we offer free sharpening for life. Learn more about our free sharpening service here.

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DHL express delivery

Free DHL Express delivery on all orders above €150

Shipping costs on orders below €150:
$35 DHL Express (6-9 days)


Inspired by Japanese cooking tradition. Lightweight and compact, perfect for precise tasks such as chopping vegetables, preparing meals and handling meat.

Product description

Introducing the new Roselli Allround knife!

Drawing inspiration from Japanese culinary traditions, this knife is a must-have for kitchen enthusiasts who prefer a versatile kitchen tool capable of handling a wide range of tasks.

With its lightweight design and compact 12 cm blade length (making it a smaller version to our Gyuto Chef knifeSantoku knife), it excels in precise tasks such as chopping vegetables, preparing meals, and handling meat. Please note that due to its carbon steel construction, the Allround knife is not suitable for cutting through hard substances such as bones.

The blade is handcrafted from high-quality carbon steel, ensuring superior sharpness and cutting performance. The handle is made from curly birch and treated with linseed oil for a comfortable and secure grip, even when wet.

Included with the Allround Knife is an exclusive designed leather sheath made from Finnish vegetable-tanned leather, providing both practicality and aesthetics for safe storage, whether it's between cooking sessions, when you're on the move with your knife, or when sending it to Roselli for our free sharpening service.

The Allround knife pairs wonderfully with our Santoku knife and Gyuto Chef knife.

Product data

Steel: Carbon steel

Hardness: Around 60 HRC

Blade length: 120 mm

Total length: 240 mm

Thickness: 2.5 mm - 0.25 mm

Weight: 110 g

Handle: Curly birch

Ferrule: Brass

Sheath: Light vegetable tanned leather

Crafted, sharpened and perfected by hand in Harmoinen, Finland.

Each product is unique. Patterns and texture of natural materials can vary.

Premium Roselli knife in dark wooden  gift box

Quality not Quantity

Each Roselli is created with the highest attention to detail and an absolute focus on quality. No shortcuts are taken – we make everything by hand, from fantastic local natural materials, using old blacksmithing techniques, in a local workshop in Harmoinen Finland. Here, everything is manufactured in much smaller quantities, which ensures that we can minimize our waste and footprint on the environment.

Roselli knife with carbon steel and curly birch

Premium Materials

Our products are made from the finest natural materials and raw materials that follow the highest ethical standards. High-quality carbon steel, Finnish curly birch and Finnish natural tanned leather form the basis of all our products. Our locally produced, organic and ethical leather comes from free animals and has been vegetable tanned where only organic material is used instead of destructive chemicals.

Roselli factory hammer hand forging

100% Handmade in Finland

We will always keep our manufacturing in our small factory in Harmoinen, Finland. This enables us to ensure the highest quality of our products and that our employees enjoy fair working conditions and that we are always in control of our environmental impact. Increased quality and product durability mean many years of product enjoyment and reduced future consumption.

The Roselli factory from above showing their solar cells on the roof.

Our Environmental Impact

We are constantly exploring new ways to minimize the impact of our business operations on the environment. In addition to our long-term sustainability goals, we choose local natural materials to minimize transport and a transport partner whose electrified road transport is increasing all the time. Our solar cells give us a good renewable alternative for our heating and electricity consumption.