What is the Roselli Refurbished Program?

A well-made knife is crafted for a lifetime of adventure. That is why you always have the opportunity to give your Roselli new life and to be resold through our Roselli Refurbished Program.

We understand that no one is completely immune to new gadgets when you face life's many unpredictable changes. So we made it simple for you to replace your Roselli with a new one (without leaving too much environmental footprint).

All you have to do is send your Roselli to us. We will repair it, polish it and make it as good as new. Ready to be recycled and resold in our Roselli Refurbished Store. As a thank you, you will receive a voucher of agreed value for your recycled Roselli.

Sell your Roselli

If you’re interested in selling your Roselli product, complete the form below.