Joel Henrysson

Helsingborg, Sweden

My name is Joel and I am a 28 year old hunter with a great interest in everything regarding animals and nature. Whether it is game management, mushroom picking or hunting. I daily work in e-commerce and in my free time you usually find me in the woods with my partner and one of the family's dogs. I grew up with a hunting-crazy father and I have been out in the woods since before I could walk. Which is something I am very grateful for today, as hunting has given us a very nice relationship and community. Being out in the woods has fallen very naturally for the whole family and is today something that really gives me peace of mind and helps me relax.

Activities: Hunting, Fishing

Q&A with Joel

Is there anything about you that we could never believe?

I have operated my hips a dozen times, and as a very small child I was sentenced to spend my life in a wheelchair. Luckily, I managed without it, and today I have no problems at all.

Which ice cream symbolizes you?

An ice cream that symbolizes me is the Swedish popsicle called "Piggelin". Happy and playful with a lot of childish spirit left, for better or worse!

Where is the next place you want to travel to, and why?

New Zealand has for long been a dream for me, mainly due to its nature and the opportunity for incredible hunting and fishing experiences.

What motivates you?

Something that has always motivated me to develop, is to have been very young in a hobby or work position. You can often seem very distrustful just because of your young age for some people – and then to be able to prove that age is not a decisive fact for either knowledge or drive. It is something that has always made me want to put in an extra gear!

What's your outdoor story?

Nature has always been close to me. My interest in nature started with fishing. I could fish for hours without getting tired – and on my family vacations with the caravan my only requirement was that it should be close to the water. In recent times, this interest has turned more and more into hunting. With a father interested in hunting – it was probably completely inevitable.

Now the visits to nature usually take place in connection with hunting, either alone in the form of stealth or wake hunting, or in the company of my father and the family's dogs in the form of driven hunt. Recently, I have also received some company from my partner Lina, which is always equally appreciated. To be able to share your main interest with your loved ones is really something special!

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