Bavaria, Germany

Im Andi, a 27 year old from Bavaria, Germany. Im married and have a one year old little daughter. Im a humble family guy, who loves to spend as much time as possible in the woods and learn everything what nature can offers. I work in an huge media concern, but also teach kids and adults about bushcraft, outdoor cooking on fire starting skills. But of course, in the future i would like to work as much as possible out in nature.

Activities: Bushcraft, Cooking

Q&A with Andi

What do you appriciate the most about Germany's nature?

I adore the diverse landscapes found in Bavaria, featuring expansive mountains, picturesque lakes, and enchanting forests that add to the region's natural beauty.

Do you have any words to live by/motto?

To be honest, no. But i try to be my best version everyday.

What country is on your travel bucket list, and why?

So many! Sweden, Finland, Norway, Canada, Alaska, the list can continue. I have a deep appreciation for countries where nature remains untamed, free from excessive human intervention.

How do you "care" for the environment in your home? Any tips to share?

The best way is to find your own connection to nature, not just do
what other people tell you. Find your own connection to nature and you will eventually know what to do to make a positive impact.

My relationship to nature

I have spent my entire life in the woods. As a child, I visited the forest with my parents, engaging in the timeless tradition of cooking meals over a campfire. My father, a true nature enthusiast, introduced me to hiking and bushcraft, laying the foundation for my deep appreciation of the outdoors.

Currently, my primary pursuits within the forest involve bushcrafting and culinary adventures. Looking ahead, I aspire to obtain a hunting license, and this year marks the beginning of my journey toward acquiring a fishing license. Visit my channel where i share captivating moments through photography and videography.

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