What sharpening angle should I use when sharpening my knife?

What sharpening angle should I use when sharpening my knife?

Ever wondered about the perfect blade angle for sharpening your knife? At Roselli, we often receive inquiries from our valued customers regarding the sharpening angles we use at our factory. And guess what? We're thrilled to share our insider knowledge with you so you can achieve expert-level sharpness right in your own kitchen!

But first, let's clarify how we discuss angles when it comes to knives. Most knives feature a bevel on both sides. When we suggest a 15° angle for sharpening, we mean you should sharpen both sides of the knife to 15°, resulting in a total angle of 30°.

Now, let's dive into our sharpening angles, categorized as "A" and "B" angles: 
(See reference image below where we illustrate the Roselli Hunting knife so you can see which angle corresponds to which part of the knife.)

A = Primary bevel with a 9° angle

B = Micro bevel with a 15° angle

C = Spine 

How to choose the right angle for your hunting and outdoor knife

At Roselli, we primarily grind all primary bevels with a very slight convex geometry and a small micro bevel. Since each knife is hand-sharpened, slight variations in angles may occur.

Our factory's sharpening angle is around 15°. However, when sharpening your knife for hunting or general outdoor use, you have the flexibility to adjust the angle of the micro bevel (sharpening angle). Increase the angle for a more durable edge, or decrease it for a sharper edge. We recommend maintaining the angle between 15-21° for optimal performance.

A = Primary bevel with a 9° angle
B = Micro bevel / Sharpening angle

So, as you embark on your next adventure, remember that the right angle isn't just a measurement – it's the key to unlocking peak performance in every slice and cut. 

Roselli's sharpening essentials

And now, let's talk about how you can elevate your sharpening game with our premium sharpening tools:

  • Double-Sided Diamond Sharpener: Behaving like a regular sharpening stone but achieving results faster, this sharpener features fine and coarse sides suitable for end sharpening. No need for soaking; a light splash of water is all that's needed. 
  • Sharpening Stone: Made from Wästikivi phyllite, this stone is perfect for sharpening all Roselli knives. Keep it wet during sharpening for smooth action. Each stone is unique, offering natural variations in grit value and lasting for many decades.

You're now prepared to elevate your knife sharpness! For additional assistance, explore our video guide on using our Diamond Sharpener here and get started on your sharpening journey today!

Say goodbye to dull knives and hello to precision cutting with Roselli. Happy sharpening! 🪓🔪

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