New Hunting Knife full tang

New Hunting Knife full tang

After a great demand from our customers, we have now developed a new full tang version of our "first" Roselli, the Hunting knife. With a minimalist design dating back to 1976. For over 45 years it has performed in the wilderness and takes on hunting, fishing and outdoor life with ease. Now also produced in a full tang model, with excess hidden steel, where the knife blade is throughout the entire handle.

This Finnish handmade hunting knife and outdoor knife was originally developed as a hunting knife for moose hunters in Finland and quickly became the perfect companion for handling larger game such as moose, wild boar and larger deer. The design and profile of the knife blade makes it excellent for skinning game. 

Advantages of a full tang knife

With a knife blade that extends through the entire handle, a full tang knife gives you better support and balance when it's being exposed to hard work. A fulltang knife model is considered by many to be the ultimate survival knife – excellent for splitting wood, fire building, building shelter and roof over your head, chopping, batoning, prying, hammering, treating game and spearing dinner. Yes, almost anything you can come across in the field – however, it should not include stones or other unsuitable materials that can damage the knife.

Thanks to the even weight of the full tang knife, which takes place when the steel extends through the entire knife, you avoid strain on the knife handle because the weight ends up more on the knife blade than the handle. If you want to invest in a more robust survival knife, Rosellis full tang knives is the perfect choice. Our full tang knives are long-lasting, durable and perfect heavy-duty knives.

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