How to choose the right hunting knife?

How to choose the right hunting knife?

No hunter is fully prepared without a hunting knife. From skinning an animal to cutting up the meat, the hunting knife is one of the most important tools anyone can carry with them out in the field. And even after centuries of use, hunting knives continue to be a part of our society. But for many like us at Roselli, the hunting knife also has a value beyond just usability. A knife has a symbolic value and is made to be carried through from one generation to another.

Something we at Roselli are sure of are our knives, and in order for you to be able to choose the perfect hunting knife, we have gathered everything you need to know about the hunting knife's uses, shapes and functions.

The history of the hunting knife

The hunting knife is an ancient tool that has remained largely unchanged. Early metal hunting knives appeared in the Bronze Age around 2000 BC. The Iron Age (1000-800 BC) saw the advent of iron knives, which were sharper and more durable. Vikings improved these knives by adding carbon, making them harder and sharper.

In early America, the Bowie knife, named after James Bowie, became popular for its effectiveness in skinning and butchering game. In the 20th century, folding knives, popularized by the Swiss Army knife, became common for hunters. The "Drop Point" model, introduced mid-20th century, remains a standard design today.

Modern hunting knives vary from full tang models to folding and specialized skinning knives. Roselli offers handmade Finnish hunting knives in carbon steel and UHC (Ultra High Carbon) steel, designed for various purposes and suitable for hunters.

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The different uses of the hunting knife

A hunting knife must be able to serve several purposes and number of areas of use - such as field dressing, skinning and caring for game. Below are which of Roselli's knives we recommend for what.

Field dressing

When you are field dressing, it is important to be quick to preserve the best quality of the meat. It is therefore important to have a sharp hunting knife close to hand. When you field dressing, you cut through the skin and abdomen of your animal - here we recommend that you use one of our carbon steel knives as they are best suited for getting through bones and other hardnesses. 

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Skinning game

When skinning an animal, you separate the skin from the muscles of the meat. Here you need a sharp knife. If you use a knife that is dull and of low quality, you can tear up the meat and also miss getting all the meat from the bone. A sharp hunting knife helps you make a clean and precise cut. Here we recommend a knife from our UHC steel collection. These knives have a superior long-lasting sharpness which ensures that you do not have to spend unnecessary time sharpening your knife during the process.

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Caring for game

After you have separated the skin from the animal, it is time to cut and divide the animal into manageable parts. Many people prefer a butcher knife - we recommend you take a look at our carbon steel collection as it is perfectly suited for this.

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Roselli's hunting knives in UHC steel (Ultra High Carbon)

This sophisticated collection of handmade Finnish hunting knives in Roselli's own UHC steel has taken Heimo Roselli decades to develop. The secret behind Roselli's UHC steel's superior cutting performance and sharpness lies in the small carbides formed in the steel. The carbides themselves are almost as hard as a diamond and make the hunting knife blades extremely sharp. Roselli's UHC steel knives retain their sharpness much longer and better than other hunting knives - which means that you do not have to sharpen your hunting knife at all as often. In Roselli's UHC steel collection you will find everything from the perfect hunting knife, sharp skinning knife to the optimal outdoor knife.

Every hunting knife Roselli manufactures is made by hand and will last a lifetime, and hopefully be the only hunting knife you will ever need to own. That is why we offer a lifetime warranty and free sharpening service for life on all our handmade hunting knives.

Remember that the UHC steel gives you an extremely sharp knife that keeps the sharpness for a very long time - but keep in mind that the hard UHC steel is not suitable for penetrating bones or other hard materials. 

Roselli Hunting knives in Carbon Steel

Since 1976, Heimo Roselli has manufactured what we believe are some of the best handmade Finnish carbon steel knives in the world. Roselli's hunting knives in carbon steel are sustainable, reliable and reliable - the hard carbon steel contributes to that the hunting knives keep their sharpness longer than normal stainless steel hunting knives. In Roselli's carbon steel collection, you will find everything from the perfect hunting knife and opening knife to the optimal outdoor knife.

Every hunting knife Roselli manufactures is made by hand and will last a lifetime, and hopefully be the only hunting knife you will ever need to own - your own #oneknifeforlife. That is why we offer a lifetime guarantee and free sharpening service for life on all our handmade hunting knives.

These models in our "standard" carbon steel are slightly more durable and suitable for tougher grips - compared to our knives in UHC steel. The slightly softer steel makes it a little easier to grind on its own for those who are not used to grinding.

Care for your hunting knife

A hunting knife should always be sharp, it reduces the risk of injury and makes the task you encounter with the hunting knife a good experience. We at Roselli believe that caring for your hunting knife should be as natural as when caring for your hunting weapon, if not even easier. Remember to always be careful to keep your hunting knife clean so that bacteria do not form on it. After each use and washing, do not leave your hunting knife wet. With a little love, you get a hunting knife that lasts a lifetime and that carries your hunting memories on for generations - because of course it is something special to inherit a hunting knife that gives you that extra hunting happiness!

We at Roselli have carefully selected sharpening tools for your hunting knife that are easy to use both at home and in the field. Take care of your hunting knife so it remains your #oneknifeforlife. 

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